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Brynner Agassi Drummer Music Producer the mixing board podcast drums drum solo songwritter

At four years old, Brynner Agassi picked up his first pair of drumsticks and never laid them down. A native to California, he was exposed to a variety of musical genres at a young age. His tutelage in music began at home through his father-Evin Agassi; an international legendary Assyrian singer who has innovatively revolutionized Assyrian music.

This background in conjunction with other musical influences paved the path for Brynner to become a leader in a new style drumming; a style that introduced off time signatures, double bass drums and a fusion between different genres of music. A versatile drummer, Brynner performed a variety of styles ranging from rock to pop to hip-hop, funk and jazz. However, it was specific influential drummers such as Dave Weckl and producers like Trent Reznor and Bob Rock that helped motivate Brynner in creating his own distinguished musical sound and drumming technique.

In 2006, Brynner focused his musical attention towards studio sideman work in addition to producing in the Los Angeles area. He worked with various artists such as Billy Zanker, Baum, Jeremy Hatcher, The Sovernty, Michael Mansour, Brook Mitchell, Mazedude, Damon Lord, Chamber Road, Amber Rose, bass virtuoso’s Alan Mehlhaf, Greg Cash and many, many more.

Brynner’s work can also be heard on various television stations-both domestic and international as well as remixes to video game soundtracks.

In 2007, Brynner created the band “The Sovernty”. A one man project, Brynner created songs that projected a musical journey into industrial rock in which he best explains, “I wanted the listeners to make up how the song makes them feel”. In May of 2009,  The Sovernty released its’ debut album, “Turning the Page”, which included 11 tracks of deep rooted lyrics, blustering guitar work and a new and innovative sound to the industrial scene.

Prior to the official release, the album was reviewed by Fabryka Magazine, an industrial/rock magazine based in Denmark.  Brynner, along with the debut album were held in high regards. The debut album was compared to the sounds of Nine Inch Nails, Collide and a Perfect Circle. Brynner’s production and sound was also compared to that of Trent Reznor.

In 2015, fellow musician Michael Mansour and longtime friend partnered with Brynner to create and co-own Displaced Music; a music library that composes music specifically for film, television and video games.

In 2016, Brynner has launched his long awaited podcast-The Mixing Board. This podcast is focused on dialogue with fellow musicians, musical product vendors and a wide array of artists with an end goal of connecting the mindset of musicians and going behind the artistry that has made them who they are today.

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