The Mixing Board Podcast

with guest

Mike Sutton 

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Mike Sutton returns to the show for one unforgettable episode! Brynner and Mike discuss new products that have entered the market by Vic Firth and Zildjian, giving you a firsthand account by Mike as he speaks to the development of these new products such as Zildjian cymbal and drumstick bags, as well as Isolation Headphones and Vintage Snappy Snare Strands by Vic Firth. Brynner and Mike also discuss their little beef about cymbals….. And how Brendan Fraser’ name gets associated with Mike. You won’t want to miss this!


Brynner is picking up where he and Mike left off, speaking about and reviewing the Vintage Snappy Snare Strands, Isolation Headphones by Vic Firth, as well as speaking about the new drumstick and cymbal bags by Ziljian. Brynner reviews the snare strands by showcasing clips from a song he produced, as he uses the snare strands to demonstrate the different characteristics, tone and dynamics that these strands bring out of the drum.

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