The Mixing Board Podcast

with guest

Mike Sutton 

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mike sutton zildjian podcast interview gen 16 a/e cymbals

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Product manager for Zildjian cymbals and fellow drummer Mike Sutton joins us today to speak about the Gen16 AE series cymbal line. Listen as Mike takes us in depth as how one of Zildjians most popular cymbal lines first got developed. Mike illustrates for us how some of the uses of these cymbals has broadened the landscape of drumming and creativity by allowing the drummer to have full and complete control of these cymbals. If you’re a drummer and producer you will not want to miss this episode!​

We re picking up right where we left off with Mike Sutton! A podcast dedicated to the sounds, characteristics and unique beauty of the Zildjian Gen16 AE series cymbals. Listen as I give you examples from the music of Displaced Music and how I've used these cymbals in songs such as The Midnight Ride, Hope Is Not Lost and more. I also give you a glimpse as how I've personally used these cymbals in all aspects of my playing and performances, from live situations to post production. Its a podcast like no other, its music and reviews all centered around the Gen16 series cymbal line from Zildjian

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